Pit bulls have been misunderstood and demonized by many people because of their aggressive behavior. Although there is an air of truth in that opinion it would do well to note that Pit bulls are loyal, affectionate and faithful dogs.

Proper care and training would make your pit bull a well balanced and controllable dog. Going by their natural aggressive temperament, good training is best achieved from when they are puppies just like other dog breeds. Train him to get comfortable with leashes, being led on walks, listen and obey commands before he grows big and strong.

One advantage of pit bulls is that they do not require much grooming due to their short fur which can also be disadvantageous especially as it affects the regulation of body temperature. Owners must make sure not to expose their pit bull to extreme temperatures without adequate monitoring. They are prone to sunburn in summer and freezing in winter periods.

Excising your pit bull helps him spend his energy positively, they love to play fetch and because they are quite big and muscular may be predisposed to playing and hunting in nature. Your kids should not be left with a pit bull unsupervised as kids may not understand the body language of the dog especially when the pit bull needs to be left alone.

Feeding your pit bull right keeps him healthy by maintaining balanced weight and growth. Food quantity and frequency depends on the dog’s age or condition ie in pregnancy, nutritional needs change. An average pit bull weight is around 32 kg with a height of 10 inches.

Give your dog a healthy dose of dry food as it helps keep his teeth strong and healthy.

Overall, these over criticized dog breed is a good companion for 5-15 years which is the average life expectancy of a healthy well cared for a pit bull.






It is easy to get excited when you establish your first fish aquarium. You may assume it is an easy task and that it will probably take just a few hours to set it up.

You may feel it is quite an easy task to clean the new tank just simply by rinsing it with tap water, fill it with
gravel and sand, top it up with water, put some live plants, fix the lighting and install the filter.

Believe it or not, sooner or later the aquarium will start to look grubby due to building up of algae and debris particles and that is when the real work begins. Any sort of task involving cleaning and caring of your pet fish is usually last on the to-do list. If your aquarium looks unsightly and dirty, you will need to clean it.

Your fish will fall sick or even die if you do not make it a point to maintain it on a regular basis. If you are busy then a self-cleaning fish tank can help you to save time.

Unless your tank is in extremely bad condition, it is not necessary for you to dismantle it completely and to start all over again. Total re-hauling of the fish tank will diminish all the aquatic beneficial bacterial colonies that break down the waste produced in your aquarium.

Clean your aquarium in the order of sequence as follow namely the inside glass follow by decorations such as rocks and plants, gravel, outside glass and fixture and finally the filter.

One important mistake that you must avoid is cleaning the filter too soon after you have done with everything else in the tank. You should wait for at least two weeks before doing so.

Though the earlier major cleanings will have upset the bacterial colonies in the aquarium, the ecological system remains in balance because a significant number of the beneficial bacteria still reside within the media filter.

Cleaning the filter too soon after everything else will cause an ammonia spike due to insufficient beneficial bacteria to eliminate toxins that are harmful to the fish.

Use a filter brush to clear out the sludge that builds up in the small crevices of filter parts such as the tubing. Change the filter media every three weeks if it contains carbon ammonia absorbers or ion-exchange resins. You can leave some of the old filter media behind to repopulate the bacterial colonies.

A few people say living in the Philippines can be extremely economical. We need to acknowledge, however, that our wallets will cry for money when we spend excess regardless of how much cheaper prices are. Yes, it generally makes us feel great when we spend for ourselves, yet there is a thin, thin line between smart purchasing and sick purchasing when things go at a bargain.

Furthermore, yes, this implies we need to spare money sometimes.

Saving money in the Philippines is not so different when contrasted with saving money in different nations; however, let us help you deal with the techniques.

Here are some essential, however extremely powerful approaches to be thrifty in the Philippines as per a Filipino worker’s point of view.

The Lunch Box Method

Going to work each day is now a type of cost. Consistently, you manage your transportation expenses. Purchasing lunch is another type of cost. Bringing a home-cooked food for lunch is one method for saving at least P65.00 pesos every day.

Grow Food in Your Garden

Grow a few vegetables and fruits in your garden so you won’t need to purchase everything at the general store. A lot of free resources online can help you begin in the event that you don’t have any experience yet in cultivating.

Ditch Vices

Vices are terrible for your well being as well as for your wallet. What aggravates them are they’re not by any means considered as necessities. Consider stopping vices, on the off chance that you have any, and you’ll unquestionably spare money from not purchasing cigarettes, drinks or playing games.

Setting a Daily Allowance

Setting a remittance for a day likewise gives you the teacher to abstain from spending excessively. You simply need to use what you have. Once you’re utilized to it, expanding your costs to your allocated spending will be too hard for you to hold up under. Additionally, from that remittance, you can likewise take out a piece of it and keep it as your savings.

A PhP20 or PhP50 saving every day is sufficient which may result in a PhP100-250 worth of savings in a week. Not terrible, correct?

An Expense Schedule

Hanging out with companions is a piece of our way of life. Who could oppose hangout excursion with individuals you truly like occasionally, correct? In the event that you realize that you’ll be spending on a Friday for a gathering with companions, you can work up a budget to abstain from overspending by controlling your costs days previously, then after the fact celebrating out.

Needs Versus Wants

Your Needs and your wants have a big distinction. A need is essentially a necessity that you can utilize regularly while a want is simply something you crave for. To comprehend it better, here is a straightforward example. Consistently, we require sustenance to support our body yet we don’t have to eat in a costly and top of the line restaurant to survive the day.

Make a Local Friend

It’s no secret that foreigners in 3rd world countries sometimes get charged more than locals.  Not only is this racist but it is kind of theft as well.  Meeting a local can get you the right prices.  As for where to meet a local? Check out the country-specific dating sites like Filipino Cupid.

Plan, Plan, Plan

You spare money since you have an objective. Think beyond practical boundaries and make it considerably greater. Gradually accomplish your objectives. You’ll soon understand that your wondrous yield is stand out snatch away and you’ll soon understand that you are achieving your budgetary opportunity.

You absolutely put the Vancouver Island on your list of places to see before you die.

Vancouver Island is an island that is 4 times the Corsica area. The island is inhabited only in the south, in the Victoria area, the capital of British Columbia.


The city of Victoria is an excellent gateway for your adventure on Vancouver Island during a trip to Canada or the USA.

Victoria, all quiet and all charm, is the capital of British Columbia. Try living in the English style city enjoying the traditional tea in the afternoon, while walking in the gardens all in bloom and admiring its Victorian architecture.



We suggest particularly the area of Long Beach, located west of Vancouver Island, between the villages of Ucluelet and Tofino. This is the perfect place for a hike “on the Pacific Ocean”.

The Long Beach area of the Pacific Rim, it’s kilometers and kilometers of deserted beaches, with surprising vegetation and abundant marine and terrestrial life.

This area of the park offers 9 trails that are mostly in less than an hour.

From here, the sunset over the Pacific Ocean is a must see.


Do not miss Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Park, where the largest trees of Canada are located. This wonderful place is one of the last vestiges of the temperate rain forest that has covered the whole of Vancouver Island for more than 1000 years.

Cathedral Grove is a huge forest of trees and an amazing ecosystem that can make us think of the redwood forests that can be visited during a trip to California. When you walk through this ancient forest, it is impossible to see the sky because of dense vegetation.

In the Fall of 2010 four young friends came together with a shared vision and passion to offer a vivacious dining experience in the heart of downtown Vancouver, that is the Helm. Mere steps away from the infamous Granville strip, the Helm feels a world apart from the neon bustle with its treed patios and open, airy space. Inspired by the supper clubs of Montreal and New York, they sought to create something with a similar energy but with a local sincerity that is true to Vancouver as a city. Serving farm-to-fork plates in an elegant urban setting, the food sits at the heart of it all but the Helm is more than just a dining experience. It is a place to share cocktails infused with home made syrups and preserves, a carefully selected wine list in a warm, inviting atmosphere with friends, colleagues and family. Beginning with afterwork drinks, the Helm transitions into a dinner hour then shifts into a stylish nightclub featuring live music, DJs and dancing

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