Even if there are many scams on dating sites, do not fall into the paranoid, with a little common sense, it is easy to overcome the pitfalls, do not forget that millions of people have already encountered, so why not you.

Here are some tips to avoid online dating scams:

Doubtful dating sites:

Beware of sites that require you to sign up for your credit card, even if they ensure that it is to confirm your account, it is likely to be charged without your knowledge. Registrations are always free to test the site, then you will need to subscribe to chat, but only if you decide.

You must choose the duration of your commitment and the formula, it must be written on your registration form.

We recommend sites that are already known, it will save you a lot of disappointments and other parts that ensures you a sufficient number of registered, nothing more frustrating than finding no one in his area.

Pay attention to dating sites that use the word senior in their title, often they are opportunists who want to take advantage of the silvers boom.

False profiles:

On unreliable dating sites, there are fake profiles that will come into contact with you when you do not have a paid account. These profiles, whose photo is often attractive, send you messages, but you can only respond if you take a subscription. These are simply people employed by the dating site.

Once registered, you will no longer have contact, the easiest way is to flee this kind of site.

Getting your money:

Again, it’s a matter of common sense, no one has to talk about money on a dating site, if someone gets you the hang of “I’m stuck in a country and I need money to go home “ignore it, if you had a problem abroad, your first reflex would not be to connect to a dating site to ask a stranger for help.

Same for people living in another country, even if their speech is charming, why start a remote relationship that will lead to nothing good. It is not so rare that many people have fallen in love without having met. All this once again to ask you for money much later or ask you to bring him to France.

There are enough singles in our country to go farther and get into trouble.

Target only your area, it’s still more convenient to make an appointment, and if you find the rare pearl and want to move in together, you will not have to leave everything.

Married people:

If you are looking for a serious relationship, do not bother with a married person, it is easy to identify, he connects to a dating site only during office hours and never at home, didn’t give you his cell number and if so, he never call you at night and will not answer your calls.

Despite all these inconveniences, dating sites are a great way to meet new people, to chat with sincere people, so do not be discouraged.