Pit bulls have been misunderstood and demonized by many people because of their aggressive behavior. Although there is an air of truth in that opinion it would do well to note that Pit bulls are loyal, affectionate and faithful dogs.

Proper care and training would make your pit bull a well balanced and controllable dog. Going by their natural aggressive temperament, good training is best achieved from when they are puppies just like other dog breeds. Train him to get comfortable with leashes, being led on walks, listen and obey commands before he grows big and strong.

One advantage of pit bulls is that they do not require much grooming due to their short fur which can also be disadvantageous especially as it affects the regulation of body temperature. Owners must make sure not to expose their pit bull to extreme temperatures without adequate monitoring. They are prone to sunburn in summer and freezing in winter periods.

Excising your pit bull helps him spend his energy positively, they love to play fetch and because they are quite big and muscular may be predisposed to playing and hunting in nature. Your kids should not be left with a pit bull unsupervised as kids may not understand the body language of the dog especially when the pit bull needs to be left alone.

Feeding your pit bull right keeps him healthy by maintaining balanced weight and growth. Food quantity and frequency depends on the dog’s age or condition ie in pregnancy, nutritional needs change. An average pit bull weight is around 32 kg with a height of 10 inches.

Give your dog a healthy dose of dry food as it helps keep his teeth strong and healthy.

Overall, these over criticized dog breed is a good companion for 5-15 years which is the average life expectancy of a healthy well cared for a pit bull.