You absolutely put the Vancouver Island on your list of places to see before you die.

Vancouver Island is an island that is 4 times the Corsica area. The island is inhabited only in the south, in the Victoria area, the capital of British Columbia.


The city of Victoria is an excellent gateway for your adventure on Vancouver Island during a trip to Canada or the USA.

Victoria, all quiet and all charm, is the capital of British Columbia. Try living in the English style city enjoying the traditional tea in the afternoon, while walking in the gardens all in bloom and admiring its Victorian architecture.



We suggest particularly the area of Long Beach, located west of Vancouver Island, between the villages of Ucluelet and Tofino. This is the perfect place for a hike “on the Pacific Ocean”.

The Long Beach area of the Pacific Rim, it’s kilometers and kilometers of deserted beaches, with surprising vegetation and abundant marine and terrestrial life.

This area of the park offers 9 trails that are mostly in less than an hour.

From here, the sunset over the Pacific Ocean is a must see.


Do not miss Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Park, where the largest trees of Canada are located. This wonderful place is one of the last vestiges of the temperate rain forest that has covered the whole of Vancouver Island for more than 1000 years.

Cathedral Grove is a huge forest of trees and an amazing ecosystem that can make us think of the redwood forests that can be visited during a trip to California. When you walk through this ancient forest, it is impossible to see the sky because of dense vegetation.